Welcome to KICSS'2011

Creativity enters into virtually every aspect of life. Every one of us is creative, to a degree. Facing the ever-changing and full-of-conflicts world, creative thinking, innovative ideas and implementation are barely needed, and supporting creativity is very natural and becoming one of most challenging areas. Research on creativity support systems and its relevant fields is emerging. It is a multidisciplinary field where advances and innovations rely on the combined efforts of a wide range of scientific, technological and management disciplines along with systems practice. KICSS conference is to facilitate technology and knowledge exchange between international researchers/scholars in the field of knowledge science, information technologies, system science and creativity support systems. The conference will cover a broad range of research topics in the fields of knowledge engineering and science, information technology, creativity support systems and complex system modeling.

To be held in Beijing, a vigorous big city with an unparalleled wealth of discovery from long history and modern development, KICSS2011 is the 6th event in the series of KICSS, which started in Ayutthaya (2006) and successfully was held in Nomi (2007), Hanoi (2008),Seoul (2009) and Chiang Mai (2010). We hope to exhibit the latest research work on effective concepts, methodologies, and advanced knowledge intensive tools to tackle with a variety of complex problems in this colorful while conflicted world.

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Online paper submissions are accepted at http://meta-synthesis.iss.ac.cn/kicss2011/Paper Submit.html. A broad range of research topics in the fields of knowledge engineering and science, information technology, creativity support systems and complex system modeling are included, but not limited to:

Cognitive foundations of knowledge
Complex system modeling and analysis
Conceptual modeling in KB systems
Content engineering
Creativity support systems
Data mining and knowledge discovery
Data warehouse
Decision science and technology
Decision support systems
e-learning, e-content, e-knowledge
Game-theoretical aspects of knowledge
Implementation issues in KBS
Intelligent systems and agents
Information extraction
Knowledge extraction
Knowledge complexity
Knowledge metrics
Knowledge creation and acquisition
Knowledge dissemination
Knowledge in complex systems
Knowledge integration
Knowledge management applications
Knowledge management strategies
KM support systems

Knowledge management practices
Knowledge management systems
Knowledge representation and reasoning
Knowledge systems engineering
Knowledge verification and validation
Knowledge-based e-commerce
Knowledge-based software engineering
KBS in life sciences
Logics of knowledge
Formal analysis of knowledge
Reasoning about knowledge
Management of Technology
Meta-synthesis and advanced modeling
Natural language understanding tools
Ontological engineering
Organizational learning
Organizational memory
Organizational ontology
Product Innovation
Process Innovation
Semantic database systems
Semantic Web
Service innovation uncertainty in knowledge
Web intelligence tools