Workshop on Service and Mind Innovation
(FRIDAY, Oct 21, 2011)

Takashi Asano
(浅野隆, president of Japan Management Association)
Overview of Theory and Cases of BA-Management How Mind Innovation by BA-Management can change a company
Takeo Higuchi
(樋口健夫, Inventor of Idea Marathon )
Creative Thinking Method Idea-Marathon for Mind Innovation
Youji Kohda
(神田陽治, professor of JAIST)
Field Innovation and Service Science
Toshihiko Yamakami
(山上俊彦, senior specialist of ACCESS)
Emerging New Perspectives in Modern Innovation Engineering

Innovation Lecture
(Saturday Oct 22, 2011)

Susumu Kunifuji
(国藤进,vice president, JAIST)
An Introduction to Process and Mind Innovation by The KJ Method