KSS2011 KSS2011,knowledge science,system science, Hull, UK, complex systems,知识科学,系统科学
KSS2011,knowledge science,system science, Hull, UK, complex systems,知识科学,系统科学
KSS2011,knowledge science,system science, Hull, UK, complex systems,知识科学,系统科学
KSS2011,knowledge science,system science, Hull, UK, complex systems,知识科学,系统科学
The 12th International Symposium on Knowledge and Systems Sciences
jointly held with
The 55th Meeting of the International Society for Systems Sciences
"All Together now – Working Across Disciplines: People, Principles and Practice"
Hull, UK
July 17-22, 2011

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The annual international symposium on Knowledge and Systems Sciences aims to promote the exchange and interaction of knowledge across disciplines and borders to explore the new territories and new frontiers. With over 11-year continuous endeavors, attempts to strictly define the knowledge science may be still ambitious, but a very tolerant, broad-based and open-minded approach to the discipline can be taken. Knowledge science and systems science can be used for one another as methodology and tool and benefit each other. Around these disciplines, the first International Symposium on Knowledge and Systems Sciences, initiated and organized by Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, was held in September of 2000 (KSS2000), then KSS2001 (Dalian, China), KSS2002 (Shanghai, China), KSS2003 (Guangzhou, China), KSS2004 (JAIST, Japan), KSS2005 (Vienna, Austria), KSS2006 (Beijing, China), KSS2007 (JAIST, Japan), KSS2008 (Guangzhou, China), KSS2009 (Hong Kong, China) and KSS2010 (Xi'an, China) had been held successfully and many scientists and researchers, from different countries, contributed to all those symposia. Within 12 years, people interested in Knowledge and Systems Sciences have been growing up into a community and a specific international society has already existed for 9 years. KSS symposia exhibit its particular views toward complex problems solving even from its name.

This year, the 12th KSS symposium is still expected to provide excellent opportunities for presenting interesting new research results, facilitating interdisciplinary discussion, and leading to knowledge transfer and the synergetic generation of new ideas by joining the 55th meeting of the International Society for Systems Sciences (ISSS2011) during July 17-22, 2011.

The presentations and papers at KSS2011 are expected to cover but not limited to the following areas:
  • Creation of agent-based social systems sciences
  • Cross-cultural learning on systems thinking and knowledge management
  • Complex system modeling and complexity
  • Decision support systems
  • Knowledge creation, creativity support, awareness support, etc.
  • Knowledge discovery: data mining, text mining, recommendation system and relevant Web intelligence tools
  • Knowledge systems engineering and knowledge management
  • Meta-synthesis and advanced modeling
  • Problem structuring methods and system methodologies
  • Social dynamic network modeling
  • Confirmed Keynote Speech
    July 17 (Sunday)
    "Integrating WSR into a Generative Meta-Model for Knowledge Management"
    Cathal BRUGHA
    (University College Dublin, Ireland)
    July 17 (Sunday)
    "Knowledge Science - Modeling the Knowledge Creation Process"
    Yoshiteru NAKAMORI
    (JAIST, Japan)
    July 21 (Thursday)
    "WSR Approach to Queuing Problem in Expo2010"
    Jifa GU
    (ISS-CAS, China)
    Time Schedule For Submitted Papers
    January 10, 2011: The start of abstract submission and registration
    January 10, 2011: On-line registration begins
    April 30, 2011: The end of early, discounted registration
    May 30, 2011: (EXTENDED) The deadline for full papers.
    June 15, 2011: (EXTENDED) The final deadline for abstracts
    Recognised that abstracts may not be developed into full papers
    July 17-22, 2011: Conference
    Notice: Only ONE submission per registered participant will be accepted for the conference.
    Other schedule will follow ISSS2011!
    Paper Submission
    KSS2011 will use ISSS2011 submission system at http://journals.isss.org/index.php/proceedings55th/user.
    Both abstracts and full-length papers are welcome. Authors are requested to follow submission guidelines clearly indicated at http://isss.org/world/preparing-and-submitting-abstracts-and-papers-2011. Please at first submit abstract and allow at least two weeks for the abstract to be reviewed. Full-length submission can only be processed after the abstract is accepted. Please select "Intl Symposium Knowledge & Systems Sciences" in the "section" list to assure your submission for KSS2011.

    Paper format:  Full paper_format.doc
    All accepted papers will be published in one CD as proceedings of ISSS2011 & KSS2011.
    All on-site presented papers for KSS2011 are welcome to submit the modified papers according to the review commnets and on-site Q&A to the official journal of ISKSS, International Journal of Knowledge and Systems Science (IGI Publishing).

    Organizer & Program Committee
    International Society for Knowledge and Systems Sciences
    Institute of Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences
    Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
    Dalian University of Technology
    University of Hull
    Shanghai Academy of Systems Science
    Systems Engineering Society of China
    IEEE SMC Beijing Chapter
    Other sponsors are welcome!
    Program Committee List

    Business School, University of Hull
    Registration and Accommodations
    Please browse ISSS2011 Web site for details.

    If you have further inquiries, please contact organizing chair Dr. Xijin TANG via   mcs@iss.ac.cn (Subject: KSS2011)

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